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Hiding content classes and other conceptual info

Hiding content classes and other conceptual info

Thursday 12 June 2003 11:28:22 am

From what I can tell of the ezPublish product, all objects that are created fall somewhere in the tree hierarchy below the root folder.
I have a couple of questions on this though.
1. Are users on the system stored as part of this tree hierarchy?
2. If one were to create a user under a folder together with an article, what does this mean conceptually? Is this user the same as any other user created using the admin interface?
3. When creating new objects in the admin interface, it is possible to hide some of the classes from a particular user? For example, if I were to create an author class that I relate to articles using the "related object" attribute, I wouldn't want any users to be able to see or create instances of that class except for me. Also on systems with large numbers of user-defined classes, the dropdown list would become very large indeed.
4. Similar to (3). If I create some custom classes that are only to be used by a module extension, I don't want users to see or touch them. Can they be hidden?

Any advice here will be appreciated.

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