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highlighted menues?

highlighted menues?

Tuesday 22 July 2003 12:56:14 pm - 3 replies

I tried something like this in an include file

{section show=$node.object.class_name|eq("Startseite" )}<b>Titelbild</b>{section-else}<a href="/">Titelbild</a>{/section}

it works find as long as I disable ViewCaching but as soon I enabled it I get the following error:

Error: eZTemplate @ design/magazin/templates/logo.tpl:2[0] Jul 22 2003 12:54:56
Unknown template variable 'node' in namespace ''

what am I missing? is there an more elegant solution for the navigation?
thank you

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Tuesday 22 July 2003 3:16:47 pm

read this :

Tuesday 22 July 2003 3:30:25 pm

thank you.

well now I've got a list with attributes... but how can I use them?

I tried this but without any success:

{section show=$module_result.class|eq("14" )}<b>Titelbild</b>{section-else}<a href="/">Titelbild</a>{/section}
| {section show=$module_result.class|eq("15" )}<b>Editorial</b>{section-else}<a href={"content/view/full/47"|ezroot}>Editorial</a>{/section}

it seems the 'eq' statements are always true...

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Tuesday 22 July 2003 3:38:33 pm

yeah, I think I got it:

{section show=$DesignKeys:used.class|eq("14" )}<b>Titelbild</b>{section-else}<a href="/">Titelbild</a>{/section}

This works...
Thank you very much

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