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how could be this ?! class error ?!

how could be this ?! class error ?!

Monday 05 May 2003 12:49:41 pm - 5 replies

hi ..

i have done new small class, and i used ready made template for it, the class id is 30, so i had made line_class_30, and full_class_30, with template debug is showing me that full_class_1 is loaded, not full_class_30 !

what the worng here ?!

thx for helping.

Monday 05 May 2003 1:23:14 pm

You're most likely viewing a folder ( class 1 ). This will show a list of children, these will by default be loaded with the appropriate line_class_x.tpl.

The full_class_30.tpl should only be loaded when you view the full view of an object of class 30.

Hope this helps,


Monday 05 May 2003 1:35:58 pm

Did you place your own template files in /design/yoursite/override/templates/node/view? That's where EZP looks for custom classes.

PS. OOPS: The above is not the solution to your problem (as you probably already found out). The solution Bard gave probably is. Sorry (no delete option on forum sad.gif Emoticon )

Modified on Monday 05 May 2003 1:41:57 pm by Vivienne van Velzen

Monday 05 May 2003 1:43:23 pm

i see ...

i put in the right path for my design!

bård ...
then what should i do ?

i`ll make new section, and i`ll make new folder class under this section, do think this will work ?

Monday 05 May 2003 1:53:36 pm

ekkksss .... Ghrrrrrrrrrr

now it`s a folder, it`s class called main category, and still loading class_1 , but how then the forum section done , it`s loading the right class !?!

Monday 05 May 2003 1:59:12 pm

found it ... thx alot big-smile.gif Emoticon


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