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How do I add the star rating from articles to comments?

How do I add the star rating from articles to comments?

Wednesday 24 October 2012 10:26:27 pm - 3 replies


I'd like to add the star rating system to comments so visitors can leave feedback on a product and then rate it with the stars. Is it just a case of adding

<div class="attribute-star-rating">
     {attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.data_map.star_rating}

to the comments.tpl?

Any assistance would be appreciated

Thursday 25 October 2012 7:51:48 am


First, you have to edit your comment class and add a star rating element. To do this go to your admin interface, Setup tab and Classes link on left menu.

And then edit the full view of the comment class and paste your code.

Don't forget to clear caches blunk.gif Emoticon

Thursday 25 October 2012 3:42:20 pm

But this won't work if your using ezcomments, for ezcomments there is no ready made solution afaik.

Friday 26 October 2012 9:00:23 pm

Thanks guys, I'll give that a go and let everyone know how I get on.

Andre: I'm not using ezcomments so this should work happy.gif Emoticon


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