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How do I add to a new Section?

How do I add to a new Section?

Tuesday 19 June 2007 7:25:07 pm - 4 replies

Okay, I'm a newb. I really have spent a lot of time reading the manual, but I have something that still keeps evading my search.

So I'm building a site where everyone has access to all the content up to a certain depth. Beyond certain areas within Folder, etc, you must be a premium user to gain access. The site will sell subscriptions that will give access.

I am assuming that the best method to create these "premium" areas, is to create a premium role, set up a section called premium, give the role permission to this section. Finally I add content to this section which then the content will have that as it's section id, then I can also link it under folders that are under the standard section, and only premium users will be able to access these areas.

Now I believe that the above process will work, and I want to test it. Here's the problem, I created a section called "Premium Content" with the navigation part "Content Structure" and I can't find anyway to add content to it? Everything I add goes to the standard section, I have no way of editing the section something belongs to. I just can't find it. Obviously if my above theory is wrong, no one needs to explain this.


Tuesday 19 June 2007 7:41:54 pm

You can assign objects or subtrees to your new section by clicking on the litle icon with a "+" on it in the admin-interface. (setup/sections)

Modified on Tuesday 19 June 2007 7:43:42 pm by Kristoffer Karlsson

Tuesday 19 June 2007 7:46:12 pm

Okay, thanks. I guess I was trying to do it backwards, assigning content to a section, instead of assigning a section to the content.

Thanks for the help

Tuesday 19 June 2007 11:44:18 pm


I have an extension setsection that does what you were looking for.

If enough interest, I'll release it on the wild.


Tuesday 19 June 2007 11:52:54 pm

I'd love to have an extension like that. It would be a lot easier than setting the section backwards.


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