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How pages get rendered

How pages get rendered

Thursday 27 March 2003 10:55:52 pm - 2 replies

I am trying to understand how eZ Publish 3 chooses which page layout to use.

So if get it right - when the request is sent to index.php. It gets the object and its section.
If <yourdesign>/override/templates/ has a matching pagelayout_section_X.tpl, it is used.
If <yourdesign>/templates/ has pagelayout.tpl, it is used.
If those don't exist it just uses /standard/templates/pagelayout.tpl.

I assume that user and admin are just other examples of templating and do not interact. So that when you look at stuff in the demo its using just the stuff in the demo or standard if it is not exist in the demo template.

Thanks for all the good work, team ez.

Thursday 03 April 2003 11:14:14 pm

I am having trouble figuring out how assigning a new section to your folder(s) in the admininstrative piece actually changes the look of that site. How is the section name/ID/whatever tied to some sort of page layout or such?

Friday 04 April 2003 9:10:11 am


the answer on how to assign sections is here:


Basically, you go the the set-up section of the admin interface create the sections and then click on assign, browse folders and select to assign to that object+subfolders/objects

As for the sections <-> layout, it is exactly as John said. In site.ini(.php) you specify which design folder is used for your site. You would create a new design folder for any custom site you make. First, ez publish looks for
<yourdesign>/override/templates/pagelayout_section_N.tpl where N is the current section number. If not found it looks for <yourdesign>/templates/pagelayout.tpl for the general layout/css etc.

If that is not found, it looks for the default design specified in the site.ini(.php). That should be "./standard/...".

For more info take a look at



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