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How to build a HTML SITE with EZ?

How to build a HTML SITE with EZ?

Friday 25 April 2008 9:51:28 am - 2 replies

I just wannar a pure HTML site ( only three pages ) , so how to do it with ez? I'm lost in it.

Maybe we could login to the admin area, then create some <i>objects</i> under <i>content structure</i>, but i'm puzzled with the css.

U know, in every page, there are lots of CSS tags for special display. Some like "div", "p", "span", if i use object for every page, ez will use his own tags, then my styles are missing. E.G. ez will print the page like this:

<div class="content-view-full">
<div class="class-folder">
<div class="attribute-header">

And i could not even know what style or tag will ez add into the page, so how could i do with it? e.g. i just want to create two divs, one is in the left, and the other is in the right ? What can i do? Anybody can help me?

Friday 25 April 2008 10:19:44 am

Hi Z

eZ publish (and any CMS) is overkill for a three page site. You'll spend more time learning any CMS than you will doing it by hand.

I'd suggest you'd be better off with something like CushyCMS


Friday 25 April 2008 11:24:32 am

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your suggestion.
Actually, this is a 20 pages site, and it works well in currnt version, but unfortunately, it needs to be re-built with ez ( I think client loves this cms very much ).

I think the most difficult issue is how to represent the page style for different <i>objects</i>. not <i><b>classes</b></i>, because currently, i have changed the codes in pagelayout.php as following:
<div class="mainContentArea">

It works well in index.php, but if we click the link "site map", and go to "http://www.<i>domain</i&...dex.php/content/view/sitemap/2", this style may be not suitable.


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