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How to build a HTML SITE with EZ?

How to build a HTML SITE with EZ?

Friday 25 April 2008 9:51:28 am - 2 replies

I just wannar a pure HTML site ( only three pages ) , so how to do it with ez? I'm lost in it.

Maybe we could login to the admin area, then create some <i>objects</i> under <i>content structure</i>, but i'm puzzled with the css.

U know, in every page, there are lots of CSS tags for special display. Some like "div", "p", "span", if i use object for every page, ez will use his own tags, then my styles are missing. E.G. ez will print the page like this:

<div class="content-view-full">
<div class="class-folder">
<div class="attribute-header">

And i could not even know what style or tag will ez add into the page, so how could i do with it? e.g. i just want to create two divs, one is in the left, and the other is in the right ? What can i do? Anybody can help me?

Friday 25 April 2008 10:19:44 am

Hi Z

eZ publish (and any CMS) is overkill for a three page site. You'll spend more time learning any CMS than you will doing it by hand.

I'd suggest you'd be better off with something like CushyCMS http://www.cushycms.com/


Friday 25 April 2008 11:24:32 am

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your suggestion.
Actually, this is a 20 pages site, and it works well in currnt version, but unfortunately, it needs to be re-built with ez ( I think client loves this cms very much ).

I think the most difficult issue is how to represent the page style for different <i>objects</i>. not <i><b>classes</b></i>, because currently, i have changed the codes in pagelayout.php as following:
<div class="mainContentArea">

It works well in index.php, but if we click the link "site map", and go to "http://www.<i>domain</i&...dex.php/content/view/sitemap/2", this style may be not suitable.


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