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How to count the number of pages??

How to count the number of pages??

Wednesday 09 February 2005 2:36:12 pm - 2 replies

Dear all

I need your help ... please, i want a way to get count of pages in a specific template

ex: i need to know how many pages displayed in them the news titles or a gallery of pictures if each page carries 5 items

also i need to know how to specify in which page am i ??

Thanks in advance

Wednesday 09 February 2005 2:53:25 pm

Do the same fetch-operation as you did to fetch the news or galleryitems, but use list_count or tree_count instead of list or tree.

If you have the number of items, divide it by 5 and than you can see how many pages there are.

Like this:

{ceil(div($treecount, 5))}

Hope this helps,


Sunday 13 February 2005 12:47:47 pm

Thanks a lot it works well

But i need an answer for two more questions if you please...

First: how to know in which page i am [ its number]

Second: if i want to display all numbers of pages in a combobox and each should be hyperlinked to its page

Thanks in advance


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