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How to not push a url thorugh index.php

How to not push a url thorugh index.php

Monday 03 August 2009 5:02:43 pm - 2 replies


We an rssproxy file which needed to be under an ezpublish site in order to work but be accessible without the request being re-routed to index.php

I have the following ezpublish\rssproxy\rssprocy.php

I have tried various ways to try and set it up to get to rssproxy via http://siteaddress/rssproxy/rssproxy.php but whatever I try I end getting a module not fould error back to ez publish - does any one know how to get this to work.


Monday 03 August 2009 6:32:36 pm


You need to override ezpublish apache rewrite rules in your site virtual host configuration

Monday 03 August 2009 9:22:22 pm

Your RewriteRule should looks like this:

RewriteRule ^rssproxy/rssproxy.php - [L]

in your .htaccess file or with leading slash in your virtual host.

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