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how to obtain the functionality of a <br> tag

how to obtain the functionality of a <br> tag

Friday 27 June 2003 3:35:44 pm - 4 replies

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way of using the <br> tag in the xmltextfield???, am using ezPublish 3.0.2

Thanks in advance.


Saturday 28 June 2003 4:35:12 pm


There is a br.tpl in standard/templates/content/datatype/view/ezxmltags
You have to add content.ini (copy/paste) in settings/override/ and rename it content.ini.append.php

You have to add :

AvailableCustomTags[]=br <---- here

You can customize what you want this way.

Sunday 29 June 2003 1:14:09 pm

Thanks for the reply laurant, but i guess the problem in using the custom tag is that it place the text/contents following the custom tag on a new paragraph, this is something implicit of custom tag, so even when u try to implement the <br> tag functionality it shows the contents following it on a new paragraph instead of new line.

Sunday 29 June 2003 3:02:53 pm


eZ publish 3.1 support both inline and block custom, so it is possible with 3.1.

Wenyue Yu

Modified on Sunday 29 June 2003 3:03:06 pm by Wenyue Yu

Wednesday 02 July 2003 6:14:37 am

Wow, what an incredibly insightful reply. Thanks Wenyue you've answered all possible questions on the subject. If you know the answer why don't you tell us what it is instead of telling us you know the answer.


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