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How to remove path level?

How to remove path level?

Monday 28 July 2008 2:53:56 pm - 1 reply

Hi everyone,
Actually i don't use any home (node 001) page in any of my website, but in one of those sites I use as Home a node created under an other node (Home Page, not visibile thank to a redirect in the vhost.conf that sends you directly to Home), this is how it appear on the path than "Home / Home Page / Home ". As you see it's not really nice to be read, so i wish to omitt the first "Home" from all paths, simply it should be like:
-"Home Page / Home"
-"News / Award"
-"Products / line 1"
and so on, to do this i know I've to modify: "/hostpath/extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/templates/parts/path.tpl"
But I don't know how to tell the kernel that he shouldn't show the first node.
Somebody can help me?

Saturday 02 August 2008 11:48:10 am

there is a line in path.tpl
{foreach $module_result.path as $path}
{foreach $module_result.path as $path offset=2}

may be there is another way


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