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How to Setup Local Repository

How to Setup Local Repository

Tuesday 17 February 2015 2:58:32 pm - 3 replies

I have a git server running on linux machine. I would like to install an extension,

I can clone it down - but it doesnt show up in the local repository. I am sure I haven't configured something either the git server or ezpublish. I don't see anything when I go to setup/packages/ Local Repository in the site admin.

How do I setup local repository so something will show up in the setup/packages/local respository.

I have attempted, but falling short

I would like to be able to install packages from github, and need help.

Tuesday 17 February 2015 8:42:00 pm

Hi Micheal,

Sorry, but in this case GIT server on your server is not required. You should have only GIT client. This extension installation flow is the following:

1. Clone extension source code:

After you follow those commands, extension source code will be pulled to extension/nxc_social_networks inside your eZ Publish installation.

Please note, if you are using GIT for you project, it would be a good idea to install nxc_social_networks as git submodule:

2. After extension's source code is pulled you should follow installations from 

Please note, this extensions does not require installation of any packages.

Please let know if you will have any questions.

Tuesday 17 February 2015 9:10:23 pm

Hello Michael,

Also worth noting most developers / users / etc do not package their extensions as ezpackages (at least not anymore).


Wednesday 18 February 2015 4:08:44 am

Hello, thank you very much, this clears things up for me.


I appreciate the help


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