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How to translate the "Read more..." links?

How to translate the "Read more..." links?

Wednesday 09 July 2003 12:41:55 pm - 2 replies

I feel pretty stupid asking a simple question like this but i haven't been able to figure out where you edit the automatically generated 'Read more...' links that show up in the news page after the intro-text....

All I want is to translate "Read more" into danish ("Læs mere"blunk.gif Emoticon... how/where can i do that?

(installing the danish translation took care of another problem: translating the dates... but it didn't take care of this one...)

Morten M.

Thursday 10 July 2003 10:04:45 am

Nevermind, I found out myself... the line I was looking for was logically enough in line_article.tpl....... doh! happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 02 July 2004 11:05:31 am

Hi Morten

Could you please explain how you did it? I am in the same trouble. THX in advance



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