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How to use emoticon in Ezpublish

How to use emoticon in Ezpublish

Wednesday 02 April 2014 5:07:46 pm - 3 replies

Hello Everyone,

I see in share/icons/  

The smiley icons and i dont find how to use them in text, 

Like, when i type " : " and " ) " it publish happy Smiley > happy.gif Emoticon

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Thursday 08 May 2014 3:21:53 pm

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Friday 30 May 2014 12:59:24 pm

share/icons is for ezpublish itself and it has been used by ezpublish.

But you can use them of course with the same methor you are using ezpublis images or you even can copy them to your extension to use them. 

Wednesday 04 June 2014 12:23:38 pm


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