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Implementing Counters on EzPublish

Implementing Counters on EzPublish

Tuesday 22 July 2003 11:59:36 pm - 9 replies

I am new on EzPublish. I would like to have ideas on how to make a counter hit on the first page of site, to show how many visitours I have received.

Any help will be very welcome.


Modified on Wednesday 23 July 2003 12:00:00 am by Hermano Correia

Wednesday 23 July 2003 10:06:58 am

You should create a small script which keeps the visitor count in a database table and include the script in index.php.

You could place the include right before the
include_once( 'kernel/classes/ezsection.php' );
line in index.php.

Ofcourse you would need to know PHP and SQL to do the rest.

Wednesday 23 July 2003 11:57:29 pm

Thank you for your answer. I know a little from PHP and SQL, but I think I cannot use PHP directly on templates of the eZ publish, or am I wrong? I already have a script I use on plain PHP sites, what should I change to use it with EZ, should I make a module?

Thanks in advance for any help, and forgive me if the questions are too basic.

Thursday 24 July 2003 12:09:21 am

You could actually also do this using a template opreator. This operator would then be used in pagelayout.tpl. The opreator could e.g. save a number in a file, or database, which would be counted everytime the page is accessed.


Saturday 08 January 2005 6:05:56 pm

I'm very surprised that eZ publish doesn't include a counter that you can place in a toolbar. It would probably be more useful than the 'user information' tool.

Tuesday 22 February 2005 4:09:40 am

has anyone already made such a hit counter?
thankshappy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 22 February 2005 7:41:01 am

fficial" title=" Emoticonfficial"> Emoticonfficial

blunk.gif Emoticon Use Amos method if you don`t want build tpl operator

Modified on Tuesday 22 February 2005 8:48:23 am by Łukasz Serwatka

Tuesday 22 February 2005 10:05:08 am

This is a good tool:

It is not build into eZ Publish, but it does the job.
A build in counter in eZ Publish would be very nice happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Tuesday 22 February 2005 10:08:10 am by Nicolas Heiringhoff

Tuesday 22 February 2005 3:43:39 pm

i've wrote a module for counter.
you can have it on request. send an email to

anyways, its very easy to implement/write one yourself. basically you just make a table in mysql or make a counter class with only integer attribute in it (and then instantiate a class of it). the script/module should check $_SESSION['counter'] (or define any other session variable if you wish), if it is set to false or !isset() (or any other value u defined), then it will increment the counter value by one and set $_SESSION['counter'] to true. if $_SESSION['counter'] is true, do nothing.

thats all. happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 22 February 2005 5:26:23 pm

I'm using a hack since some weeks and uploaded it for this topic into the contribs:

Its quite easy and uses unfortunately no features of ez

Maybe you can improve it and use it for your requirements.



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