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Improving eZ publish performance with Varnish

Improving eZ publish performance with Varnish

Monday 09 July 2007 10:08:39 am - 5 replies


When I read "Linpro has a close relationship with eZ Systems", I hope that I will find some help to optimize my web site.

I want to cache all the unlogged pages but pipe when user is logged in

my filtering's config's file is vcl.conf (written in Varnish Config Langage)

a diff on the IP paquet for index.php (logged in) and index.php (not logged in) send no difference in the html headers.

Can you help me ? (my english is very bad, so sorry)

Monday 09 July 2007 1:45:26 pm

eZ Publish currently always sends out session to a user even if he isn't logged in (because he can still have access to posting comments and so on).

This and other things are being looked at for better support for varnish and similar solutions.
But in the mean time you'll have to force cache of certain parts of your web page that are for anonymous users.

The normal way to solve this is to have several siteaccesses, one thats being cached, one for logged in users, and one for admin interface.

Modified on Monday 09 July 2007 1:47:04 pm by André R

Monday 09 July 2007 3:32:32 pm


If you're willing to put your hands and modify the kernel, one option is to modify the login to add a cookie "loggedin".

You can then test this cookie to decide if it's anonymous or logged in user.

(idea stolen from someone else, can't remember where I saw/read it)


Monday 09 July 2007 5:36:23 pm

That was from Kristof blunk.gif Emoticon (to have one siteaccess, static cache for anonymous, normal view caches for front-end editing)


Monday 09 July 2007 7:43:30 pm

The idea wasn't mine, I only wrote some code for it. See

Wednesday 29 August 2007 3:44:46 pm

Has anybody managed to get Varnish working together with ez?


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