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{include uri="design:..."} only from pagelayout?

{include uri="design:..."} only from pagelayout?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 6:19:00 am - 3 replies

Can someone enlighten me as to why this fails:


{include uri="design:header.tpl"}


{include uri="design:subhead.tpl"}



all 3 files in design/user/templates. Fails with debug message:

No template could be loaded for "subhead.tpl" using resource "design"


Wednesday 02 July 2003 8:53:32 am

File permissions?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 8:33:26 pm

seems to be a template caching issue. I had another problem with included templates and clearing the template cache seemed to solve it. I didn't rety this however so maybe it's not fixed...

Thursday 24 July 2003 4:18:10 pm

Yep, exactly the same experience!

Glad I found your post, clearing the cache would not have been sth. I had done next...

It's a bug, though!


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