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Inserting a flash file. How to ?

Inserting a flash file. How to ?

Friday 13 June 2003 5:07:55 pm

I have 2 problems.

I create a class name "flash" in the media group with 2 attributes :
- name (text line)
- swf (media)

I create a folder on the content side name flash to store all the .swf files.
In it I upload a flash file with my new class. It works well but on the site map I don't have the name of my file (the name from the text line of the class), only the blue rectangle icon.

Anyway I can see the flash in the preview mode.

Then I create an article with the flash as a related object. I try to rewrite the embed template (demo>override>templates>content>view>embed.tpl) with a copy/paste from the template wich is used in the demo site (standard>templates>content>datatype>view>ezmedia.tpl) but there is nothing in the main content area....

May I have some help ?

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