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is there any underline tag to be used in the xml text field

is there any underline tag to be used in the xml text field

Saturday 28 June 2003 1:13:00 pm - 5 replies

Hello Everyone,

Is there any underline tag that could be used for underlining the text in the xml text field. I know i can use the custom tag for this functionality, but then again the reason i want to avoid the custom tag is becaz it places the content following it in the next line which i dont want, i want the text following the <content> tag to be in the same line.

Thanks in advance.


Saturday 28 June 2003 4:39:47 pm


We seem to have the same "problem". I'm also working on forms and xml fields.
I don't have the repply to your answer but maybe you could help me.

Here's :

I'm trying to display a checkbox in a form but I don't have the correct syntax.
What I use : {attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.data_map.myidentifier}

But I have only YES or NO if the box is checked or not when I crate the form.

May I have the correct syntax or more generally a tutorial for the different objects ?

Saturday 28 June 2003 5:24:57 pm

In 3.1 the xml datafield supports the use of css classes. From the docs an example:

<em [class="foo"]>emphasize text. Attribute 'class', which used to classify the tag, is optional.</em> (alias to emphasize)

so, just use a 'text-decoration: underline;" statement in the appropriate class.


Tuesday 01 July 2003 9:44:36 am

Isn't there a way of doing the same thing in 3.0.2.

Thanks in advance.


Tuesday 01 July 2003 10:24:59 am

I think we are going round in circles here at the moment about this...

In the 3.0x series of ez the amount of html you could put into a xml data field was very limited. 3.1 has improved on this by popular demand happy.gif Emoticon Sorry, but there doesn't seem to be too many ways around this except by css and logic.

You could use a text field to put html into but you can't add related objects to this...


Tuesday 01 July 2003 1:38:11 pm


You actually can use custom tag now since 3.1 support both inline and block(default) custom tag. Just remember in content.ini add following lines:


Then it will be handled without linebreak.


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