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is this bug ? versionview.php !!

is this bug ? versionview.php !!

Wednesday 02 July 2003 4:45:09 pm - 2 replies

I have this lines for user menu :

{section loop=fetch(content,list,hash(parent_node_id,$BusinessDirID,depth,0,class_filter_type, "include",class_filter_array,array($CompanyDataClassID))) }
{section show=eq($:item.object.owner_id,$UserID)}
{set ObjStat=true()}
{set ObjID=$:item.contentobject_id}
{set NodeID=$:item.node_id}

work fine, but when i wanna see the versions versionview under content module the values of ObjStat,ObjID,NodeID is false, empty , what the wrong with versionview.php , is this bug or am doing smth wrong here !?

Wednesday 02 July 2003 4:47:47 pm

the loop is return false !!!
whay ?!

Wednesday 02 July 2003 4:57:04 pm

found it :

{section show=is_unset($ObjID)}
{set ObjID=$}

but strange that loop is return false !


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