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Limiting the number of keywords in the Keyword Datatype.

Limiting the number of keywords in the Keyword Datatype.

Saturday 06 December 2008 1:10:25 am - 2 replies

Is there any way of setting a limit on the number of keywords entered in the keyword field of a particular object. I have bloggers and article writers entering excessively large amounts of keywords to try and increase exposure in the tag cloud for a particular item. I would like to impose a keyword limit to prevent this.

Thanks in advance for any ideas

Richard Lundberg

Saturday 06 December 2008 9:00:54 am

http://ez.no/developer/contribs/datatypes/ez_public_keywords should be exactly what you are looking for. If you have existing content classes and objects, you can change the ezkeywords datatype to ezpublickeywords on the database level without information loss (have a look at the source for the exact string, it's defined right at the beginning).


Tuesday 09 December 2008 11:16:25 pm

Lack of such built-in limitations/controls in the default datatypes is one of the major anti-community features of eZ Publish. Luckily, easy to overcome.


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