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Limiting users/user groups in create-selectbox under 'Users'

Limiting users/user groups in create-selectbox under 'Users'

Sunday 04 May 2003 9:04:50 pm

OK, I'll try this one again, as I haven't found a solution yet sad.gif Emoticon

I've created a class 'mycompany' that is treated as a user group and a class 'myemployee' that is treated as a user (modified a bit in the admin-templates). Both classes are defined under the 'Users' class.

I then created a folder of class 'mycompany' under the 'Users' tab. In a roundabout way I assigned a section to this folder and created a role that allows the creating of 'myemployee' class users in this section. I then assigned this role to one of my users.

When I log in as this user and click on the 'Users' tab, I still see all the User Groups and Users there. Fair enough, I can't edit them, so I don't mind that at this point.
However, no matter what I try, all classes defined under the 'Users' class are visible in the create selectbox.

The good news is that I'm not allowed to create users of other classes or user groups (eventually I get an access denied). But I'd like the options to not be visible in the selectbox at all.
Anyone out there know how I could go about this?


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