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line_class, full_class, full_node

line_class, full_class, full_node

Thursday 15 May 2003 1:23:04 am - 1 reply

In the demo, there is a directory "design/demo/override/tempates/mode/view/"
and it houses files like

"line_class_22.tpl" and "full_class_24.tpl" and "full_node_32.tpl"

What is the naming convention used or what is the file heirarchy of files like the ones above?
For example: running ez Publish without demo data puts files like "full.tpl" and "line.tpl" in the "design/mydesign/override/tempates/mode/view/" directory, but I'm not sure when it is appropriate/needed to make files in that directory like the ones in the demo like "full_node_32.tpl" (which comes with the demo).

suggestion: someone should have comments at the top of each file that explains what it does


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Thursday 15 May 2003 7:12:22 am


try reading up here:

full refers to the view mode, node / class refers to the item type in the ez publish hierarchy and the number is the number of the item. full_node_... override full.tpl.



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