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linebraks in pdf

linebraks in pdf

Wednesday 23 November 2005 4:27:22 pm - 2 replies

After installing eZ Im staring to get the hang of it now. But I'm having some problems with pdf.

First off I keep getting very big spaces between paragraphs. meby many linebrakes or something like this I just dont know. It the same for serveral instalations. Any Ideas on this issue?

My second pdf issue is I cant seem to tget lists <li> to work. Il displays the disc, but no linebreake or indentation.

Wednesday 23 November 2005 5:06:39 pm


For your PDF problem, find the files named xml_paragraph.tpl and replace the code with :

{pdf(text,$content|wash(pdf) )}

That worked for me at least ...

Thursday 08 December 2005 12:51:22 pm

Worked for me also! Thanks!


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