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Multisite setup with URLs becoming invalid depending on the siteaccess used to edit

Multisite setup with URLs becoming invalid depending on the siteaccess used to edit

Friday 12 August 2011 5:52:55 pm - 1 reply

I have an installation of 42011 running multiple domains and ONE database.

One of the site accesses is a master access with access to the entire database / content tree.

Each of the sub sites has a folder in the content tree (beneath the master root node) of its own with a Media library folder and a Frontpage which is the Home of the subsite with everything else beneath it.

Each sub-site has its own admin siteaccess restricted to its own section of the content tree.

Everything works beautifully except when the Home frontpage is edited from the sub-site's site access.

If you do this then on publication the sub-pages become unreachable and the /Home/ is removed from the URL of the sub page. Manually entering the old URL does not allow you to access the page

If you do the same thing from the master site access then you fix the problem - a simple Edit - Republish, clearing the cache sorts it out.

This problem does not affect other object types as far as I can tell - or it may be that it only affects the item at this level in the hierarchy.

Help greatly appreciated.

Modified on Monday 15 August 2011 7:22:36 pm by Mark Emms

Monday 15 August 2011 7:21:21 pm

it may help that you know the following:
1.  I am using host mapping for the different sites
2.  I have a Path-Prefix set for each site to hide a part of the URL

I am beginning to suspect that this is something to do with site settings rather than to do with the frontpage itself - though I have not proved this yet.  Further info to follow once we've run a few tests.


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