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my 1st from with admin viewing error !

my 1st from with admin viewing error !

Sunday 04 May 2003 3:43:27 pm - 5 replies

Hi again ... (i think every body sleeping over there now happy.gif Emoticon )

so i have done my 1st form, work fine , it`s kind of contact us form, but when i checked from the admin interface the date come in input tag, at the end Edit button, and as i saw it in comment part the date must seen normal and after clicking the Edit button come in input tag ?!

what should i do for this ?
i had checked the full.tbl file, and i think it`s not detected as ezstring type date coz of this putting it into input tag !

btw .... still no way for Approve workflow !!

thx for ur help!

Sunday 04 May 2003 6:04:52 pm

i managed to successfully get some test entries approved, and displayed. Seems as if even once approved, new material will not show until you run runcronjobs.php

Sunday 04 May 2003 6:10:19 pm

but am on winxp system, i need *inux to run cron jobs !

Sunday 04 May 2003 7:18:48 pm

no you don't - or at least it seems not. running the php file in your browser seems to do the trick - perhaps someone else can confirm. explain further

Sunday 04 May 2003 7:54:14 pm

i have run from my localhost, i got this :

#!/usr/bin/env php -------------------------------------------------------------Running cronjobs/workflow.php
Checking for workflow processes

but, no appove items in the summary !!

and this from the DB :

Host: localhost
Database : ez32_demo
Generation Time: May 04, 2003 at 08:58 PM
Generated by: phpMyAdmin 2.3.2
SQL-query: SELECT * FROM `ezapprove_items` LIMIT 0, 30;

id workflow_process_id collaboration_id
1 25 1
2 26 2
3 27 3
4 28 4
5 29 5
6 32 6

any idea ?!

thx ...

Sunday 04 May 2003 10:23:10 pm

see other discussion


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