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New Class Not Visible to Anonymous User...

New Class Not Visible to Anonymous User...

Friday 27 June 2003 10:31:33 pm - 3 replies

Well, I am finally jumping into ezPublish now that 3.1 is out and have promptly run into a situation that has me stumped.

Some background:
I have 3.1 installed with the demo data. I have created a new site to experiment in, which does not use the demo data directly. I have made cosmetic changes to a couple of custom templates by copying the standard versions. I have also created a new product class from scratch. It is quite simple.

For some reason when I view a page (a new folder I created) while logged in as Admin I am able to see all items within the folder. But if I am not logged in they are not presented to me. When I hit the URL directly I am told I do not have permission to access the area.

Apparently this is only in effect for items of the class I recently created as I can see newly created folders and products that use the standard classes.

What am I missing here?


Friday 27 June 2003 11:51:13 pm

It seems you haven't added that class to anonymous role in users zone.
Edit anonymous role a add that class / section.

Monday 30 June 2003 5:47:15 am

I'm having the same problem, I modified the roles to include new classes, cleared all of the caches - tried different browsers, to no luck - I'm still having the issue - any other ideas?

Thanks in advance -

>> I assigned the Anonymous role to anonymous user, and then reassigned all of the new classes to the anonymous role - and it seems to have worked.

Modified on Monday 30 June 2003 3:40:49 pm by Matthew Knell

Monday 30 June 2003 5:25:25 pm

Thank you both! That got me on track and moving forward.



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