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New Demo Class???

New Demo Class???

Friday 18 July 2003 4:42:20 pm - 4 replies

I am having trouble setting up a New class. It doesn't show up after creation. I am using the demo site. From what I've read, I should be able to use the admin site and edit the "roles" of users and set the anonymous user permissions to see all changes. However, I do not have a "roles" selection in the admin site for users. I am using ezp 3.1. Any help would be appreciated. Thank in advance. Doug Johnson

Friday 18 July 2003 4:50:51 pm

You don't? Let's see, Admin -> Users (top) -> Roles (middle left). (Not Admin -> Users -> Users)


Friday 18 July 2003 5:01:58 pm

When I login in to the admin site, I get a tab'ed menu across the top with "Users" in the middle. When I click this tab, I get a "User Group" page with a list of user below. There is no "role" selection listed. However, The "content" tab across the top is selected. Not the "user" tab.

Did I mess up an .ini file somehow?

Friday 18 July 2003 5:32:09 pm

Ok, here's the problem. Somehow the "users" tab is linked to the "content" template. So, when I click the "users" tab, I just get the node structure for the users, with all of the content template links and design. So I have no options to changes roles, permissions etc. Quick fix?????

Modified on Friday 18 July 2003 5:37:23 pm by Douglas Johnson

Friday 18 July 2003 6:09:23 pm

And.....This is the code in the pagelayout.tpl:

{* Users menu *}

{section show=eq($navigation_part.identifier,'ezusernavigationpart')}
{include uri="design:page_menuheadselected.tpl" menu_text='Users'|i18n('design/admin/layout') menu_url="/content/view/full/5/"}
{include uri="design:page_menuheadgray.tpl" menu_text='Users'|i18n('design/admin/layout') menu_url="/content/view/full/5/"}

It seems like "menu_url="/content/view/full/5/" is somehow pointing back to the content template??? How can I change this to point to the "user" template?


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