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Nice URLs not working

Nice URLs not working

Sunday 07 September 2003 1:44:02 pm - 3 replies

Hello. I enabled nice URLs on my installation, but they don't appear to be working. When I call a "nice" URL, I get the root folder displayed.

I am using a clean installation of eZp 3.2 beta 2 with the corporate demo site.

I have this in my .htaccess:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule !\.(gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|html)$ index.php

and this in site.ini (only the stuff related to URL translation):

The link is "/about" and is generated with $Folder.item.url_alias|ezroot . I also tried /about.html, /acs/about (acs is the site name), and index.php/about/. All of them display the root folder instead. Hitting a non-existent path also displays the root folder. /content/view/ works OK though.

Modified on Sunday 07 September 2003 1:57:01 pm by Alek Andreev

Monday 08 September 2003 8:55:22 am

Try {$Folder:item.url_alias|ezroot}

Regards Bjørn

Monday 08 September 2003 9:14:36 am

Make sure you have


in your settings/override/site.ini.append.php file

Also run

php -C update/common/scripts/updateniceurls.php


Modified on Monday 08 September 2003 9:35:29 am by Bruce Morrison

Saturday 13 September 2003 11:47:21 am

Must be something else wrong.
In my environment, the {$:item.url_alias|ezroot} always appends a root folder too much when creating the nice url. So I get

instead of an appropriate

I guess there's a destructive interference with caching, because I get yet another /root/ appended each time I press a link with the nice url operators behind blunk.gif Emoticon. Thus, after having pressed the link 4 times, I see the curious thing

in my browser's URL-input field.

But you made that nice url stuff work, didn't you? So there must be something wrong in my environment I can't imagine.


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