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No more image variations :-(

No more image variations :-(

Wednesday 06 June 2012 1:02:35 pm - 25 replies

Hi every body,

I have another problem, after the one you helped me to solve few weeks ago here.

The site was working pretty well (a "4.6", community 2012.2), and I made few security updates, I guess the problems may come from here, but impossible to be sure, since I can't tell the problems apprear just after or not.

After the previous issue, the images were OK, and eZ generated the variations without problems.

Right now, no way ! As soon as I integrate a new picture in the back-office, it is correctly imported on the serveur, but I can't see it in the front or back office (I can only see it in FTP mode).

I thought it could be a problem of policies, but event if the image, and all the folder of "/var" are in 777, no changes...

The settings seems to be OK, all variations are set-up.

An attribute(show) of an image in a related object show "NULL" for the variations suspicious.gif Emoticon

Do you have any ideas where I should look ? Thanks in advance,

PS : Excuse my poor english, I'm french blunk.gif Emoticon 

Wednesday 06 June 2012 1:06:32 pm

I just checked error.log, and found lots of :

[ Jun 06 2012 12:43:04 ] [] eZImageManager::createImageAlias:Failed converting var/plain_site/storage/images/mediatheque/images/image-test-arnaud/1323-5-fre-FR/image-test-Arnaud_reference.jpg to alias 'medium' in directory 'var/plain_site/storage/images/mediatheque/images/image-test-arnaud/1323-5-fre-FR'

in the debug, I have those 2 warning and error :

Warning: eZImageShellHandler::convert Jun 06 2012 13:38:03

Failed executing: /usr/bin/convert 'var/(...)/image.jpg' '-quality' '75' '-geometry' '300x300>' 'JPEG:var/(...)/image.jpg', Error code: 1

Error: eZImageManager::createImageAlias Jun 06 2012 13:38:03

Failed converting var/(...) to alias 'large' in directory 'var/(...)'

When I open a console, and I do direct in SSH the previous command 

/usr/bin/convert 'var/(...)/image.jpg' '-quality' '75' '-geometry' '300x300>' 'JPEG:var/(...)/image.jpg'

it works without problem !!!

could-it help ? Any idea ?

Modified on Wednesday 06 June 2012 2:24:25 pm by Arnaud Boulai

Wednesday 06 June 2012 2:57:54 pm

Does the console command actually produce the 300x300 image?

Modified on Wednesday 06 June 2012 2:59:01 pm by Daniel A. Øien

Wednesday 06 June 2012 4:12:45 pm

yes it does, that's also why I can't find the reason it doesn't when the site try it by itself...

Wednesday 06 June 2012 5:22:55 pm

Check the permissions on the /user/bin/convert executable itself (and try switching to the web user when running the command).

Wednesday 06 June 2012 6:38:00 pm

Last time I had the exact same problem - with the error 1 it was permissions.  I had to run from the ez root:

chown -R www-data;www-data var 

and run:

php bin/php/ezcache.php --clear-tag=image-alias --clear-all

and that cleared it all up.

Thursday 07 June 2012 1:15:57 pm

First thanks to all for your help, I don't feel too alone ! happy.gif Emoticon

@ Daniel : Yes I guess it's a problem of permissions, but as far as I'm not very good at console mode and server administrations, I really have difficulties to understand how to solve that suspicious.gif Emoticon

@Steven :

I tried the chown (BTW I changed the ";" to a point). As a result, I had Operation not permitted on every file sad.gif Emoticon

I believe the second line was to empty all cache... I say "I believe" because one of the firt line of ezcache.php is "require 'autoload.php';" and, very strangely, the server respond "Warning :  main(autoload.php) [<a href='function.main'>function.main</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/34/d408362589/htdocs/eplefpa/bin/php/ezcache.php on line 12"

I did it manually (through putty by makin a "rm * -rf" in cache folder).

Finally, I still can get variations sad.gif Emoticon

I also need to add that I'm am running eZ on a mutualised server @ 1and1 (sorry)...

Thursday 07 June 2012 6:06:54 pm

It's got to be a permissions problem... who is your apache server running as?  The chown www-data:www-data - (should be a : d'oh typo) will only work if it matches the user:group of your process.

Login with putty again and do a ps -ef|grep "apache" to see who owns the process and use that as the user.

Once you are sure that the files are owned by the user:group that is running the apache process, you may also want to do this to your <varDir> directory:

find <varDir> -type d -exec chmod 775 '{}' \;
find <varDir> -type f -exec chmod 664 '{}' \;

varDir is of course set by [FileSettings]varDir= in the relevant site.ini file.

Thursday 07 June 2012 6:18:31 pm

The autoload problem could also be related to permissions...

you did this as you from the command line? Do you not have read/write permissions for  autoload/ezp_kernel.php and var/autoload/ezp_extension.php?

Actually the message doesn't make much sense to me since line 12 of autoload.php for eZ 4.6 is a comment...

// ini_set( 'include_path', ini_get( 'include_path' ). ':../ezcomponents/trunk' );

Did this somehow get uncommented?  With 4.6 the components are embedded in lib/ezc are you overriding that in your config.php?  Specifically on line 21?  Line 33 also better be true or commented out.

Friday 08 June 2012 4:59:40 pm

Hi there ! I'm getting mad sad.gif Emoticon

I explain :

I first wanted to do what you said first (ps -ef|grep "apache"blunk.gif Emoticon. This is what I got as an answer :

 1337394   3069 25600  0 16:48 pts/0    00:00:00 grep apache

I then made this :

 find var/plain_site -type d -exec chmod 775 '{}' \;

and had no mistake ! happy.gif Emoticon

The same for the other line :

 find var/plain_site -type f -exec chmod 664 '{}' \;

and again had no mistake happy.gif Emoticon

But... sad.gif Emoticon

I still have no variation sad.gif Emoticon


I then decided to try something totally different : I installed the latest version (2012.5) and made a lot of parameters, then I launch it, put an image, and... ! Again, it doesn't work sad.gif Emoticon

I'm afraid it comes from the server and its parameters, but can't find help from them...

I will then try to reinstall a new 2012-5 version and will try to put a picture direct, without any modification/parameter, and will see... If you have any other idea, of course, I will be glad to test it ! happy.gif Emoticon

thanks in advance !

Edit : Well, I installed a standard 2012.5 with no modification, and the problem is still there sad.gif Emoticon
I will try to install an older version... 

Modified on Monday 11 June 2012 6:35:01 pm by Arnaud Boulai

Saturday 09 June 2012 12:29:11 am


It's a common issue on 1and1 cuz ImageMagick is consuming too much memory so you are required to limit the number of threads it can create.

I'm not exactly sure of where to put the fix but can you try this?

  • edit core file: lib/ezimage/classes/ezimagemanager.php
  • find the line: function createImageAlias( $aliasName, &$existingAliasList, $parameters = array() )
  • right after the opening bracket for the function, add this: putenv("MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT=1"blunk.gif Emoticon;  

It should look like this:

 function createImageAlias( $aliasName, &$existingAliasList, $parameters = array() )    {
    $fname = "createImageAlias( $aliasName )";

Modified on Saturday 09 June 2012 12:31:16 am by Quoc-Huy NGUYEN DINH

Monday 11 June 2012 9:59:00 am

I can't believe how strong some people are, here happy.gif Emoticon

Huy, it seems you found the solution !!

I am always amased of such... every thing ! kindness, cleverness, and lots of other thing that make people so kind happy.gif Emoticon (I would say much more things in french but I need more vocabulary in english to say all what I think and feel !!!).

Right now, my problem seem to be OK, and I am very grateful ! Many thanks to all, and specialy to Huy for the tip !

Best regards,


Monday 11 June 2012 2:07:21 pm

I actually found the fix on Google.

As you mentioned shared hosting on 1and1, I googled "1and1 imagemagick error code 1" and found the solution in the first blog that popped in the results big-smile.gif Emoticon 

Et n'oublie pas de marquer ce problem comme resolu.

Monday 11 June 2012 2:44:24 pm

I looked at the begining but wasn't so far with imagemagik, that's why I didn't found on google !

You're the best happy.gif Emoticon

And thanks for the reminder, I will set it as solved right now ! Thanks again very much blunk.gif Emoticon

Monday 11 June 2012 4:21:06 pm

Can you do me a favor?

Can you undo the change I suggested and try this one? I don't have access to 1and1 server to test it myself

  • edit lib/ezimage/classes/ezimageshellhandler.php
  • find the line containing: system( $systemString, $returnCode );
  • and right before it, add: putenv("MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT=1"blunk.gif Emoticon;


Monday 11 June 2012 5:52:43 pm

Sure I can do that ! For once I can help, I will be glad to do it  blunk.gif Emoticon

I do that, make several tests, and get back to you asap...

Monday 11 June 2012 5:55:29 pm


I'm planning to create a fix for this and make it available as a pull request.

Would be nice if we can include it into a next version of eZ Publish so that other people can benefit of it and you don't have to modify the PHP file every time you update eZ Publish.

Monday 11 June 2012 5:58:54 pm

Works fine also happy.gif Emoticon

Which one do you suggest to keep ?? The previous version seems to work fine since a lot of picture was integrated with no complains happy.gif Emoticon But this method seems ok also, I try it successfully blunk.gif Emoticon (But maybe it was necessary to empty cache first ?)

Thanks again !

Modified on Monday 11 June 2012 6:00:32 pm by Arnaud Boulai

Monday 11 June 2012 9:53:27 pm

The 2nd method is better than the first. But this 3rd method is better than the 2nd happy.gif Emoticon

Can you please try this one, if it works I will submit it to eZ Systems.

  • download
  • place the file in /tmp on your server
  • go into the root of your eZ installation
  • type: patch -p1 < /tmp/0001-Fix-issue-where-ImageMagick-fails-to-generate-image.patch
  • this should modify two files: ezimageshellhandler.php and image.ini
  • override image.ini (settings/override/image.ini.append.php)
  • add or edit the INI block: [ImageMagick]
  • add this line in the block: MagickThreadLimit=1
  • clear all cache
  • test

Might have some bugs as I'm editing on iPad...Huy

Modified on Monday 11 June 2012 10:12:18 pm by Quoc-Huy NGUYEN DINH

Monday 11 June 2012 10:10:11 pm

oh, before applying the patch above, restore all files with the originals.

Monday 11 June 2012 10:52:07 pm

That's a cool thread, +1 !


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