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node_id, object_id, idontgetit_id

node_id, object_id, idontgetit_id

Wednesday 11 June 2003 10:13:15 am - 3 replies

i'm lost. i've read the docs, the forum messages, but nowhere is explained, which id is assigned how to which object oder which node.
example: in the site.ini for demo you'll find the following:


but the only number equals to 26 you'll find in the admin section is in 'set up > classes > media' the file object.
so, i quess, 26 is the node number. alright, but where do i specify this node number? where can i check this number?

if i define a new object with new views... how are the nodes assigned to it?


Wednesday 11 June 2003 12:03:00 pm

Just to make this clear: object_id is the ID of the object. node_id is the ID of one of the nodes of an object. A node is a placement in the content tree.

When you view an object, you view it from a certain location (placement), so the number after /content/view/full/ is the node id. When editing an object, the nodes are irrelevant, so the number after /content/edit/ is the object id.

You can not specify node ids, the system does that. How to find the node id of a given node? Look at the link, the node id is the number after /content/view/full/.

Nodes are assigned whenever you specify locations for an object.

Wednesday 13 August 2003 7:26:58 pm

I'm having some trouble with the object_id / node_id thing.

I'm building a PHP extension which needs to retreive those objects which are parents of a particular content object. The parent_nodes attribute gives me a list of their node_id's, but the eZContentObject::fetch function which I need to use to retrieve the content of these objects requires object_ids.

Is there anyway to use eZContentObject::fetch or something similar with node_ids instead, or is there some way to map node_ids to object_ids?

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks!
- Chris

Thursday 14 August 2003 1:39:21 pm


Glad I slept on this. I've just made a bit of a breakthrough in understanding how this works.

I was using eZContentObject::fetch($object_id) but I didn't realise I could use eZContentObjectTreeNode::fetch($node_id) to get straight to the requried node. You can then retreive the associated content object id using:

$wantedNode = eZContentObjectTreeNode::fetch($node_id);
$wantedObjectID = $wantedNode->attribute('contentobject_id');
$wantedObject = eZContentObject::fetch($wantedObjectID);

It's very simple once you know how - just really difficult to find what you need amongst all the available functions etc.

I do love eZpublish, but it can be a bit frustrating at times!!

- Chris

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