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Non-repeating text in my line.tpl-override?

Non-repeating text in my line.tpl-override?

Monday 21 July 2003 12:30:53 pm - 4 replies

I've overridden line.tpl by customising a line_services.tpl in my templates folder and adding this to my override.ini.append:


And of course, this work's out fine. But as many of you know, the content of my line_services.tpl is repeated for every instance of a class in the folder shown.

I need to put a text at the top of the page who doesn't get repeated. Where do I put this? I can't use my line_services.tpl, then my headertext is repeated.. Do I have to rewrite folder.tpl as well? Suggestions is much appreciated!

By the way, still can't figure out this one:

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Monday 21 July 2003 1:17:15 pm

How about placing this in your pagelayout?

{section show=eq($node.node_id,19)}
Text here

(19, being the node containing your services)

For easy positiong, just use a layer around it.
<div id="main-area" style="position:absolute; left:194px; top:319px; width:433px; height:207px; z-index:1; visibility: visible">

Regards Bjørn

Monday 21 July 2003 1:43:22 pm

Thanks Bjørn, that works fine. happy.gif Emoticon

I've got 5 different nodes with services so I guess I'll have to write a {section show} for each of them?

Monday 21 July 2003 2:09:48 pm

I think that would do the trick.

-Regards Bjørn

Monday 21 July 2003 3:12:31 pm

My final code to solve this, guess this could be done in a more elegant way - but at least it works! blunk.gif Emoticon

{section show=eq($node.node_id,174)}
<h1>{$} &gt; tjenestebeskrivelser</h1>
{section-else show=eq($node.node_id,172)}
<h1>{$} &gt; tjenestebeskrivelser</h1>
{section-else show=eq($node.node_id,176)}
<h1>{$} &gt; tjenestebeskrivelser</h1>
{section-else show=eq($node.node_id,175)}
<h1>{$} &gt; tjenestebeskrivelser</h1>
{section-else show=eq($node.node_id,177)}
<h1>{$} &gt; tjenestebeskrivelser</h1>
{section-else show=eq($node.node_id,183)}
<h1>{$} &gt; tjenestebeskrivelser</h1>


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