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Monday 31 March 2003 10:22:27 am - 4 replies


when I use the object tag in v3 I see the strange behavior that the tag is always placed on a seperate line and cannot be included in one sentence.

Please check out the
_special link_
to see a demo

Somehing like above.

Is there a way around this without going into template editing?

Thanks, Edwin

Monday 31 March 2003 10:55:45 am

Custom tags in 3.0 are rendered as block tags. This means that it will break the flow of a paragraph and appear on a new line. This tag is designed to make factboxes, special tables and frames etc..

There is not an custom inline tag, yet.


Monday 31 March 2003 7:40:04 pm

What HTML does it spit out? Can you not add some CSS to the container tag to ensure it is rendered inline?
style="display: inline;"

Note: I haven't used eZ publish yet as I am evaluating it, so if this answer doesn't apply, my apologies. happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 01 April 2003 10:31:52 am

thanks for the tips, I will try it out

Monday 29 September 2003 6:52:28 pm

Is it still (3.2) so that object tags can't be rendered as inline elements, part of a paragraph, for instance? I am looking for a way to create nice inline links from one article to another.


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