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Odd Problem

Odd Problem

Saturday 17 May 2003 12:56:31 pm - 2 replies

I am having a very odd problem. The following error seems to show up more-or-less randomly, when I access various parts of my site-- and I can't make it go away.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: attribute() in c:\program files\ez systems\ezpublish\kernel\classes\ezcontentobjecttreenode.php on line 371
Fatal error: eZ publish did not finish it's request

The execution of eZ publish was abruptly ended, the debug output is present below.

There is nothing below the word "below."
At this point I can't even load the admin login page, so this is rather a pressing problem!
Any help would be vastly appreciated.

Modified on Saturday 17 May 2003 1:56:53 pm by Brendan O'Connor

Saturday 17 May 2003 4:50:39 pm

You should try to enable debugging to see what is causing the problem. This is done in site.ini (or one of the appends)



this will give you debug output at the bottom of the page (just set "DebugOutput" to disabled to remove it again). Check for errors and see what is causing the problem. This could be error in the database, wrong permissions on files and so on.

Saturday 17 May 2003 9:26:24 pm

I enabled debugging, and the main error appears to be that it can't find the nodepath or nodedepth of some node-- which it then can't load, and thus it crashes. However, before that, it says "missing main operation memento for key:" followed by a key, and also it says that the variable "item" in ezxhtmlxmloutput is undefined.
I know what the nodeid and nodedepth are-- but I can't find out what node it's talking about. I don't know what the operation memento is at all.
Thanks much for any help.

Modified on Saturday 17 May 2003 10:00:58 pm by Brendan O'Connor


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