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OE: Increase number of items in browse list

OE: Increase number of items in browse list

Thursday 29 March 2012 7:51:30 pm - 9 replies

Hi All,

I'm using the online editor with eZ Web Interface. 

When I want to insert an existing object using the browse tab, it shows 10 items on each page. I'd like to increase this number. 

I've looked at the ini files in extension\ezoe\settings and checked the templates in extension\ezoe\...templates but can't find any settings. 

Just to clarify: This happens for instance when adding an image and then clicking on the browse tab. 

I hope anyone can help!

Thank you,


Friday 30 March 2012 1:07:24 am

Hi Marten

you can edit the limit at least in the file

Line 36 in your_htdocs/extension/ezoe/modules/ezoe/expand.php

and not set a ini variable or even override the

templates/ezoe/box_browse.tpl sad.gif Emoticon

i checked that in ezoe 5.0.4 in ez. Hopefully this is solved arleady in the next release in may blunk.gif Emoticon

Hope that helps.

Best Regards


Friday 30 March 2012 8:59:35 am

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply! However, I'm using EZOE 5.3.0alpha1 and there's no expand.php anymore. 

Does anyone know where these functions have moved? I've browsed the files in the modules directory but can't find anything that looks like what I'm looking for. 

Again, thanks for any help!

Friday 30 March 2012 9:38:12 am


From Online Editor 5.2, all the AJAX calls are done through an ezjscore server functions class located in extension/ezoe/classes/ezoeserverfunctions.php. In this class, the method you are looking for is ezoeServerFunctions::browse() which actually accepts a limit parameter but the JavaScript code does set one so the default hardcoded value (10) is always used.

I would not recommend to edit this file (that's a bad practise) but instead you can "override" it with the following steps:

1. in an extension add (or edit) the file ezjscore.ini.append.php with the following content to replace the class used by Online Editor by your own:


2. in this extension add a php file containing the ezoeServerCustomFunctions class that will extend the default one ezoeServerFunctions and redefine the browse() method, something like should do the trick

class  ezoeServerCustomFunctions extends ezoeServerFunctions
    public static function browse( $args )
         if ( !isset( $args[2] ) )
             $args[2] = 20; // the new default limit you want
         return parent::browse( $args );

For this to work, make sure to order of the extension loading is right (I think your extension must declared before ezoe in site.ini/[ExtensionSettings]/ActiveExtensions or you can also play with the extension.xml file) and don't forget the regenerate the autoload array for the extensions.


Modified on Friday 30 March 2012 8:39:45 pm by Damien Pobel

Friday 30 March 2012 9:55:05 am

Hi Damien, 

Thank you for this elaborate reply! Got it working now. This makes browsing a lot easier. 

Thanks everyone,


Friday 30 March 2012 10:39:42 am

Great! Could you mark this post of "Solved" then ?


Friday 30 March 2012 6:48:29 pm

Hey Damien,

your welcome happy.gif Emoticon

Did you choose the override or the bad practise?
I would be interested to make shure the override-solution works. Would be nice blunk.gif Emoticon

Best Regards


Friday 30 March 2012 8:44:10 pm

Quote from Christoph Stollwerk :

Did you choose the override or the bad practise?

I would be interested to make shure the override-solution works. Would be nice blunk.gif Emoticon

@Christoph: You need a proof ? http://vrac.pwet.fr/ezoe_browse_override.png :-p

given the short time between my post and his answer and the number of syntax in errors in my original code, I bet on the bad practice blunk.gif Emoticon

Monday 02 April 2012 4:11:41 pm


@damien: sure i need a prrof, but your screenshot looks damm photoshop :P

I bet a sixpack on your suggestion. Hopefully i won't update to soon..

But thank you very much for that updated information.

Best Regards


Monday 02 April 2012 4:21:39 pm

Hi all,

You've got me! I opted for the bad practice. 

I have no idea how to do the things you've described and was in a hurry (as always). 

Anyway, it works which is most important for me now. I'll mark this one solved. 

Thanks again!


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