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One question...

One question...

Monday 21 July 2003 12:00:47 pm - 2 replies

Hi. I have a site organized in Folder and Article. Example:
Home |F|
About us |F|
Mypharm |A|
Contact |A|
Press Area |F|
Item1 |M|
Item2 |M|
Item3 |M|
Itemx |M|

F = Folder
A = Article
M = Myclass

I want that "Press Area" have a different layout from other |F| (folder). I must create a different class for it?

Monday 21 July 2003 1:21:12 pm

If you mean that you wan't a new design, just assign it to a section, and write pagelayout_section_XX.tpl.

If you just want to present your class in a slightly different manner, I suggest that you clone your class and writes another override.

Regards Bjørn

Thursday 24 July 2003 12:17:17 pm

I have:
Section list
1 Sezione standard
12 Comunicati

Now in design/mydesign/templates i have added the file pagelayout_section_12.tpl that have a layout. This layout doesn't appear... Why?


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