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Online Editor problem

Online Editor problem

Thursday 14 October 2004 7:27:00 pm - 3 replies

I have instlled the Online Editor az described in the installation, but it doesnt work. In the admin interface when I want to edit an XML field I get nothing (not even the textarea that was before). My rewrite rule is this:

RewriteRule !\.(gif|css|jpg|png|jar|js)$ index.php

I have added:


in settings/override/site.ini.append.php

and I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0.

It should work, but it doesn't. Please help.

Thursday 14 October 2004 7:54:15 pm

Icleared the template cache and it works. I think that this should be mentioned in the installation instructions.

Also, in the installation instructions it says that I should put:


in: settings/site.ini.php

wouldn't be better to put it in: settings/override/site.ini.append.php?

Friday 15 October 2004 2:49:33 pm

Hi Marko!

Whenever the documentation talks about editing the site.ini.php you should always regard this as either

1. settings/override/site.ini.append.php or
2. settings/siteaccess/your_site_access_name/site.ini.append.php

because if you edit sit.ini.php directly, you might lose your settings and miss new functions the next time you upgrade to a newer version.

best regards

Friday 15 October 2004 6:14:27 pm

I figured that out by myelf, but shouldn't this be mentined in the documentation, not to confuse other users?


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