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OpenOffice layout

OpenOffice layout

Thursday 23 February 2012 2:15:31 pm - 1 reply

Hi all,

Sorry to ask again, but I can't find an answer and didn't get a response to my last question. 

I've altered the template in /extension/ezodf/templates for OpenOffice export. However, my formatting is not preserved when exporting. 

Can anyone tell me how I can change the layout for exported nodes? Can I perhaps create a dedicated style sheet or are there override templates specifically for OO export?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Thanks again,


Thursday 23 February 2012 8:28:53 pm


I'm no expert, but look in extension\ezwebin\design\ezwebin\templates\ezodf and you will also find the export.tpl. So, depending on if you are using ezwebin of perhaps ezflow, there could indeed be overrides present.

Regards Robin


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