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Page/object created by

Page/object created by

Monday 19 May 2003 5:10:10 pm - 4 replies

I've set up the ez publish site, and can see that there's a Published by field at the bottom of some pages. After another person updated it, the creater of the page still is visible.

Anyone know how I can get the editor's name instead of the creator of the object?

Tried to check the database-diagram, but
In the file it says: node.object.owner.data_map... and displays
If possible, it would be better with or something.

Have a nice start at the week!

Tuesday 20 May 2003 7:16:23 pm

You should learn to use the |attribute(show) function to see what attributes are available.

{$node.object|attribute(show)} in a template and you will see all attributes you can access. Maybe modifier is on the list (I can't rcheck this out right now)

Wednesday 21 May 2003 9:27:14 am

Hi! I've used the view attribute thing, and I see that a modifier_id is available, but how do I call the modifiers name through the modifier_id?
With sql or?

Didn't fant anything on this in the cross-sql'ing with the eZ language to retrieve data-field.

Have a nice week all of you happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 16 February 2005 9:09:17 am

Will display the creator of the contentobject version.

Tuesday 21 March 2006 12:46:29 am

What is the sql to list modifiers of objects which are published in the system? (all objects from ezcontentobject with the correct version and the one which is published and not draft).

Hope someone can help.


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