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Pagelayout not displayin right and ezpagedata missing information

Pagelayout not displayin right and ezpagedata missing information

Friday 12 August 2011 1:29:48 pm - 7 replies


I am having some problems with ezpagedata, my pagelayout menu does not display top menues, top information (tag cloud, login), left menu and bottom information.

As far as I have investigated the $pagedata  = ezpagedata() is not working at all so at page_header.tpl the following will not work: {include uri=concat('design:menu/', $pagedata.top_menu, '.tpl')}

and the menu does not appear at all.

My web site is loscated at

need help.

Friday 12 August 2011 1:41:18 pm

Following Warnings and error I get at the site
Warning: eZTemplate
Operator 'ezpagedata' is not registered

Error: eZTemplate @ extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/templates/page_header.tpl:17[13]
Cannot retrieve attribute of a NULL

Warning: eZTemplate
No template could be loaded for "menu/.tpl" using resource "design"
First of all I get 'ezpagedata' as not registered (first warning)
So ezpagedata does not contain information
When it comes to {include uri=concat('design:menu/', $pagedata.top_menu, '.tpl')} at page_header.tpl (the error) it will not know any valid info for $pagedata.top_menu and thus the next warnig arises: No template could be loaded for "menu/.tpl" using resource "design" (the second warning)
oops... my pagelayout gets truncated...


Friday 12 August 2011 3:45:30 pm

A stupid question: do you have ezwebin extension, is it enabled and did you regenerate autoload array?

Friday 12 August 2011 11:29:22 pm


Yes I have ezwebin, have enabled it, have regenerated aoutoloads several times, clear the cache in so many ways... but it still behaves the same.

The only difference I have noticed is that the debug information list sometimes does not display nothing at all just as if I had no errors or warnings, and sometimes it lists some errors and warning about the ezpagedata issue, but in both cases the pagelayout does not display menus or other information related with the ezpagedata.


Saturday 13 August 2011 10:22:14 am

You can always bypass the pagedata, e.g.:

{include uri=concat('design:menu/double_top.tpl')} or {include uri=concat('design:menu/flat_top.tpl')}

as you probably will not change the top menu template,ever.

Sunday 14 August 2011 12:10:03 am

I will try it, my header/footer will never change as you just said...

Thanks very much!

Monday 15 August 2011 4:12:24 pm


Works , still some minor adjustements mus be done...


Friday 11 January 2013 4:16:46 pm

Hi Guys,


I had the same problem and it was caused do to the order of the extensions, in my case the main design was in an extension so the ezwebin needed to be loaded first.




Julian Mancera


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