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Permissions, second try

Permissions, second try

Thursday 07 October 2004 11:06:18 am - 1 reply

I have installed an eZ publish site on a shared host.

I'd like to keep my files and directories non writeable for others (or world).

On this host the apache user is nobody, thus all the files that I create with eZ publish are owned by nobody.

When I login via a shell account I am myuser:myuser.

Thus if I chown the var/ design/ and settings/ directories to nobody:nobody I won't be able to change files manually, and if I chown them to myuser:myuser eZpublish get permission errors.

So what actions would you guys reccomend to remedy this situation? For now I've just done a chmod 777 on all the mentioned directories and subdirectories, which I believe is not the optimal solution.

Any help is really appreciated.

best regards

Modified on Thursday 07 October 2004 11:07:12 am by Trond Åge Kvalø

Saturday 09 October 2004 7:58:56 pm

as you are on a shared host, i guess, you cannot change much about users and user groups on that host.

When apache runs as "nobody", then i guess, it's user group is "nobody", too.
I'm not a *nix pro, but i fear, you can't do much here: As your shell/ftp user and the apache user "nobody" probably do not belong to the same user group, you need to grant write access to everyone.
If you can, you should try to put your "webserver user" and your ftp or shell user into the same user group and grant write acccess to that group.

Now, the good news: When you use ez 3.4, you will probably not need to change files by FTP or Shell anymore, as you can edit and create .ini files with the ezPublish admin interface (=the webserver's user).


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