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PHP Scripts into a content item/ Article

PHP Scripts into a content item/ Article

Thursday 04 September 2008 1:05:05 am - 2 replies

Can I put php scripts into ezpublish contents item or article?
or can we wrap external php page within the contents?

If you know the solution, please advice.


Thursday 04 September 2008 10:45:56 am

Hi Jun and welcome to the ezecosystem blunk.gif Emoticon

Have a look at :

And I was looking for a contribution I think which enabled to hack the kernel of ez and insert php code in online editor... But I don't refind it... I tell you as soon as get it.

Hope it helps !



Modified on Thursday 04 September 2008 10:46:23 am by Pierre T.

Friday 05 December 2008 7:08:52 am


As you can see here :


On line one of the content section : it's written that content and design are separeted.

I guess it's a very bad idea to put PHP code in a content for this reason.
If you want a code to be executed on a particular content, you can make a specific module or make an override and create a specific operator / function.

Another point is that as it's content, it won't neer be interpreted by the template engine...



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