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Print the title of an object

Print the title of an object

Saturday 29 March 2003 8:30:25 pm - 1 reply

I have created folders with names like Mainpage, Services, contact etc, in order to create a dynamic menu. That works fine with fetch and a section with a loop.

How do I print the name of a specific folder, eg the folder Mainpage which has the id 215?

Regards Bjørn.

Sunday 30 March 2003 1:19:11 am

I'm not an expert, but i'll try to help.
If I understand what you want, with next 2 lines you can do it.

{let ss=fetch('content','node',hash(node_id,215))}

If someone has a better solution, I apreciate too.

Paulo Almeida

Modified on Sunday 30 March 2003 4:17:36 am by Paulo Almeida


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