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Priority Column

Priority Column

Friday 02 May 2003 11:39:50 pm - 3 replies

I noticed that in the demo, within the admin, when you click on content, there are a list of top level folders. I understand how to assign sections to these folders but I don't see the "Priority" column which looks to help with sorting.

Anyone know how I get that column to show?

Friday 02 May 2003 11:43:04 pm

Which view did you try? In the "Sitemap" view, the priority is not shown.
In the "Frontpage" view, it is shown. The URL should be something like /admin/content/view/full/24/ (for the folders in the news section).

Saturday 03 May 2003 12:02:17 am

Now click "My Intranet" after clicking "Frontpage"
These are folders under "My Intranet" which do not have the "Priority" column. Somehow you must have to set that you would like "Priority" initiated. Anyone know where?

Saturday 03 May 2003 12:15:01 am

I got it.
It is dependent on the parent folder. If you set in the parent folder (when you edit the folder) that you would like the children to be "Sort By" priority, then you will get the priority column when you view the children.


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