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Problem getting a template to work

Problem getting a template to work

Thursday 12 August 2004 11:41:43 pm - 7 replies

I am trying to get a custom template for the main page at http://intra.dalane-tidende.no/index.php . Below is what I have done to make it work. I't does not work so please help me if you can. I'll give you as much details as I can

<b>description at ez.no</b>

1. Bring up the administration interface. 
2. Click on the "Setup" tab. 
3. Click on "Templates" (in the menu on the left hand side).
4. A list of template files will appear.
5. Locate a file called "/node/view/full" and click on it. 
6. On the next page, simply click "Create New". 
7. Type in "full_view_welcome" into the template name field. 
8. Make sure the "Section" and "Class" dropdown boxes are set to "Any". 
9. Type in the identification number of the welcome-page node. 
10. Make sure that "Empty" is chosen in the "Base template on" section. Click create. 

<b>What I have done</b>
1. I found the Node ID, which is 2, here (See image)

2. To create a new template I click setup (oppsett) -> Templates (Maler) and then the /node/view/full.tpl file. I set the name and keys as seen on the image and click the button

3. The file framside.tpl is now in the http://www.encycmet.com/temp/ez3.gif and can be seen in the view for /node/view/full.tpl as seen on the image at

OK, now I thought that every change I did to this file would be changed on the main page (Node 2). Whatever I do with the file, nothing happens, nothing at all.

Anyone that can tell me what the problem is?

Thank you very much

Sem Hadland
hadland @ encycmet.com

Modified on Thursday 12 August 2004 11:43:32 pm by sem hadland

Friday 13 August 2004 12:28:21 pm

Did you reset the cache?

When you change something in a template you must reset the cache and after refresh the page.

Friday 13 August 2004 3:14:13 pm

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I have cleared the cache. I click the "clear All caches" button before I check the site again.

Can you please check my procedure in my first post. Is this correct? Can there be a problem with the instalation?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Sem Hadland

Friday 13 August 2004 7:25:54 pm

Can I edit the templates from here instead of up/downloading with ftp ?

I tried inserting one of the examples at http://ez.no/ez_publish/documenta...reference/data_fetching/content/list
but I just got some errors..

Can anyone help ?


Friday 13 August 2004 10:14:22 pm

Hi Sem,

Your framside template should be the first (before the folder class override template).

After that clear *all* caches



Saturday 14 August 2004 2:47:48 pm

Thank you for your swift reply Paul. I understand what you write, but not what you mean suspicious.gif Emoticon

My "framside" template should be before the folder "class override" where? And how do I do this?

Do you mean I have to change the priority for the templates here: http://www.encycmet.com/temp/ez3.gif ? I tried that by changing the priority-numbers and clicking the update button, but nothing happened.

I might not even be near the answer?

Sorry to be such a pain. I am hoping to be an ez-expert soon and the software seems to be killer good, but right now I am stuck.

Hope you can help me out. Thank you very much.

Saturday 14 August 2004 8:44:44 pm

Yes, your override should be before the folder class entry. You should be able to do this by specifying priority 1 and then press the update button for the template overrides in the admin folder.

Alternatively, you may do that by hand by editing the file override.ini.append for your siteaccess and put the framsid entry first (or at least before the folder class.

After that, clear all caches. You will get it to work happy.gif Emoticon


Monday 16 August 2004 8:40:22 pm

Should I create the template in the "admin" folder? I thought I should create this in the "news" folder, as a URL to a piece of news is like http://intra.dalane-tidende.no/index.php/news/nyheter/vem_kan_segla

As you can see at http://www.encycmet.com/temp/ez3.gif , I did everything in the "News" folder. I first did choose "News" in the dropdown menu and clicked the "set" button. All wrong? I should do it in the "admin"?

<b>More info:</b> I tried to specifying priority 1 and then press the update button for the template overrides (in the news folder), but nothing happened. Is that a problem with my instalation? I then found the override.ini.append in the news folder (/ezpublish/settings/siteaccess/news) I did the changes as you told me, uploaded and cleared all caches, but nothing happened. You can see the file at http://www.encycmet.com/temp/override.ini.append

Sorry about the long post, but I try to give you all the details you might need to know.

Thank you very much for your help so far.

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