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Problem Uploading .DOC Files via Webdav

Problem Uploading .DOC Files via Webdav

Saturday 15 March 2008 12:33:56 am - 2 replies

Hello Everybody,
Someone can help, in our Ez Installation we have Webdav running Ok but have trouble uploading files with extension .doc simply does nothing, do not have problems with other files (PDF, XLS, PPT, VSD, TXT, etc) only with Word (DOC files).

Know they can be happening ?

May be related to the import content through OE ??

EZP version 4.0 running on CentOS 4.5

I Check error.log and storage.log but not errors appear, how is correct to enable webdav log (Logging=enable or Logging=true) where are located webdav log files ?

Thanks in advance.


Saturday 15 March 2008 2:58:51 pm

Hi Cristian

This might be caused by the ezodf extension. See

Wednesday 09 October 2013 6:55:42 pm

I had the same problem when trying to upload a .doc file within a related object attribute, resulting in error:

"Unable to create the content object to add to the relation: %detail"

Thanks to your post I have menaged to fix this issue, by commentig this line


inside extension/ezodf/settings/upload.ini.append.php.

Thanks blunk.gif Emoticon

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