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Problem with datepicker on ezdate frontend edition in ezp 4.4

Problem with datepicker on ezdate frontend edition in ezp 4.4

Saturday 09 March 2013 7:51:32 pm - 4 replies

Hi, there!

I have the following problem: I've added an attribute of ezdate type to a registration form in my project. So, this means that this attribute should be editable on frontend side by the public users. I've added a custom override for ezdate edition view which is a full copy of the ezwebin ezdate edition template with some minor changes related to labels text. However, on frontend the datepicker is not working - if I select a date from the calendar, the date fields values are not being updated. And this problem exists only in ezp 4.4. In my projects of ezp 4.3 this functionality is working. I've also tested using the standard design edition template -> design/standard/templates/content/datatype/edit/ezdate.tpl, but there the calendar button is missing. Otherwise, on object edition in administration ( using extension admin2pp ) all is fine.  Is this a problem of ezp version 4.4 or probably I should look for bug in my code?!

I'm looking for your answers and I will appreciate any help or advise from you!

Best regards,


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Sunday 10 March 2013 10:08:51 am

Based on what you wrote, I assume this is an edit to an object and not part of the collectedinfo system, right?

Are you using the same database with the same roles?  Otherwise, check your edit permissions for - I guess anonymous?

Turning on debug should also let you see what's failing (i.e. if it's a permission problem).

Sunday 10 March 2013 10:32:48 pm

Hello, Mr. Bailey!

Thanks for the instant reply!

You are right, the problem concerns edition not the collectedinfo system. The database is also the same using the same roles as with the lower ezp versions. Just after an upgrade of the project to ezp 4.4 the calendar functionality stopped working on frontend side edition. What is most confusing is that I get no errors reported in debug( no template or any js errors, just nothing )! Generally, I wanted to know whether this might be a problem of the ezp 4.4 version or is a matter of my custom implementation. Do I need some particular js library or anything else that I might be missing?

Best regards,


Monday 11 March 2013 2:54:43 am

Did you try using Firefox or the Chrome debugger to see if there is any js error or js resource not loaded?

Monday 11 March 2013 7:53:21 am

Yes, I always do! No js or other errors are reported in browsers debugs!


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