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problem with PreViewCache

problem with PreViewCache

Saturday 26 November 2011 3:39:23 pm - 3 replies

I do overrides for register.tpl, registrationinfo.tpl and registrationfeedback.tpl within my siteaccess (generating eMail in registration). Works ok.

the moment I set PreViewCache=enabled the overrides were ignored and eZ use the standard temlates.


(version 4.3.0)


Friday 17 February 2012 6:40:07 pm

I can confirm this issue.

The problem exists here on an old ezp 4.2.0 and still persists on CE 2012.1 (I upgraded a customers ezpublish to this version).
I wrote my own RegistrationFeedbackClass which has custom Code in it. I am not using email-feedback Type (which is the default).
The template registrationinfo.tpl is loaded successfully from my local design-extension, but registrationfeedback.tpl, which is referenced by my custom Feedback-Class, cannot be found there and /design/standard/templates/user/registrationfeedback.tpl is loaded instead - but it exists in my design-extension!

Seems the module user/register has some problems keeping its siteaccess or at least its list of template overrides.

To disable 'PreviewCache' is a suitable workaround for this. I whish ez would fix that %*@& !


Friday 17 February 2012 6:46:50 pm

Additional Information:

If i put my registration code directly into user/register.php (besides "email" or replacing it), everything works as expected.
If calling custom registration feedback classes via call_user_func  (line ~247)  the template-override / template locations are screwed and the fallback "/design/standard/templates/..." are used.

Wednesday 04 April 2012 8:06:55 pm


I found a solution.

Go to classes, classgroup setup. There are two classes: common.ini.settings and template.look

Edit and change place of some ini.settings to current siteaccess. Than override for registration tpls and viewcache works correct.


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