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Problems to setup extension for i18n

Problems to setup extension for i18n

Wednesday 18 October 2006 9:55:09 pm - 4 replies

Hi all,

while multilingual content works fine, I have problems to make an own extension for translations with i18n running.

I setup my site as follows:

Extension "dictionary" is activated in settings/override/site.ini.append.php:


Regional settings in settings/siteaccess/de (first language is english with sitaccess en, de is for German version) look like this:


In the extension directory I put the directory "dictionary" with subdirectories "settings" and "translations".
Extension/dictionary/settings/site.ini.append looks as follows:


Extension/dictionary/translations/ger-DE/translations.ts is


Template code in one of my templates says:


However - you are aready expecting it! - I don't get translated text (in the example above it should be "Inhalt" instead of "Content"blunk.gif Emoticon with this piece of code. (I cleared all caches before.)
I get a debug warning instead:

No translation for file(translation.ts) in context(extension/dictionary): 'Content' with comment()

What is still wrong here?

Thanks for any help,

Modified on Thursday 19 October 2006 9:24:33 pm by Ulrich L.

Thursday 19 October 2006 9:01:55 am

Hi Ulrich,

i18n() is very sensitive on white-spaces, hidden extra chars, etc. Make sure that your translation.ts file is "clean". Remember to clear all the cache.

Check also if there is no typo somewhere.

Modified on Thursday 19 October 2006 9:02:14 am by Ɓukasz Serwatka

Thursday 19 October 2006 12:31:39 pm

Hi Ulrich

Maybe it is just a typo but in your post you mentioned the filename


The file must be named translation.ts (you have an 's' to much in the filename).


Thursday 19 October 2006 9:23:31 pm

@Lukasz: I cannot figure out any redundant whitespaces. The posting above including the content of the translation.ts file has been created using copy&paste, and there is no wrong character inside, I think.

@Claudia: This was my fault while typing this posting, the real file names are fine.


Modified on Thursday 19 October 2006 9:28:23 pm by Ulrich L.

Friday 20 October 2006 8:13:02 am

Heureka! I found it!
In the translation.ts file there is just one open tag "message" too much. Having removed this, everything works perfectly!


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