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Products Repository

Products Repository

Wednesday 09 January 2013 10:07:51 pm - 2 replies

I have a folder at my 'Website' level that I want to store all of my products. I have different microsites that I want to be able to access these products with the friendly URL tree structure I would get with having those products in each site. I have found the ability to use LOCATION on each of the Products to be able to see them in 2 locations. Is there a way to add a LOCATION to the folder and have it recursively apply to all of the subitems in that folder? 


Websites/Products - repository folder

Websites/Basketball/Products - site A

Websites/Baseball/Products - site B

I would like to be able to access and have that point to the object that is located in /products/bat 

If I add a location to bat in the repository this works but with hundreds of items it would become tedious. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 



Thursday 10 January 2013 12:23:18 am

There is a workflow event available in the ezworkflowcollection extension which might help you: "add 2ndary location"

Tuesday 22 January 2013 4:02:26 pm

This works great except for one issue. The issue is with the secondary node that gets created. The URL alias of this node along with its ability to be searched for is not enabled until I manually go though the admin interface and "Edit" then "Send For Publishing." Is there a way that I could automate this? I have the workflow set to run on the after publish content module. Is there perhaps another workflow or trigger I can create to do this? 


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